About Us

Our Name

Unparalleled- "Having no parallel or equal”. We chose this name because we believe that every individual has a unique path in this game called "life". Everyone's gone through their own rollercoasters, faced their own adversity, and overcame adversity in their own ways. We believe in putting "unparalleled" products on the market. Products that are premium crafted products.   

Our Mission

To become a premier and premium active-lifestyle brand, dedicated towards putting out top quality and unique products for our customers. We want to have unparalleled designs and unparalleled quality. 

Our Start

In 2018 we decided to put out unique products to the headwear market. Starting with 96 hats, we quickly establish our unique ability to provide top end quality headwear. We have dedicated our innovative approach to fine tuning the finer details about our products. We are an Indigenous owned business, operating out of Calgary, AB. 

Our Products
 What influences our products? Our products are influenced by a number of different things we grew up around: Athletics, Fashion, Fitness, Music, Sports Leisure, and lastly… individual’s different paths through life. We look forward to providing nothing but the best products, service, and quality to our customers. Here at Unparalleled, we THANK YOU for purchasing our products. We wouldn't be here today without our customers.